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The Land of Mariachi, the Aztecs, and the Maya

Poised between North and Central America, Mexico offers a tapestry rich in culture, history, and natural beauty. Stretching from its northern boundaries touching the U.S. to its southern fringes caressed by Belize and Guatemala, this expansive nation is a mosaic of cultures, flavors, and terrains.

With landscapes as varied as its history, Mexico's allure lies in its contrasts. Its best places reveal everything from arid deserts to lush rainforests, from metropolitan cities to quaint villages. Those who delve into our travel guides will find treasures such as the ruins of bygone empires, intricate art forms, and the legendary warmth of its people. Whether lounging on golden sands, journeying through historic trails, or savoring culinary masterpieces, Mexico promises a tapestry of memories waiting to be unveiled.

  • Mexico, the 13th largest country, covers 1,972,550 km^2 (761,610 sq mi).

  • It's divided into nine regions: Baja California, Pacific Coast, Gulf Coast, Southern Highlands, Central Highlands, Yucatan Peninsula, Northern Plains, Southern Plains, and the vibrant Mexican Caribbean.

  • Central Mexico boasts mountains and canyons; the north has deserts, and the south, rainforests.

  • It's the fifth most biodiverse nation globally.

  • With several international airports and bordering the U.S., Guatemala, and Belize, it's easily reachable.

  • Road-trippers and bus enthusiasts will relish Mexico's comprehensive road infrastructure.